Friday, 31 July 2009


My girl lil Kim, shes fierce you go girl.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What do u guys think of this watch

I heart this watch. I have been dropping hints to my hubby i want it for my birthday. Its by Marc Jacobs and priced £140 not bad for this designer i think. what do u think?

Death to the Gladiators

I can't be the only person who has had enough of gladiators. I thought this summer would be differnet to last but no there are even more versions out.
everyone in London is wearing the same shoes and no one seems to care.


Has anyone else noticed how good Rhianna's makeup looks lately i mean shes in a league of her own. She brought back the red lips and dark eyes but my fav has to be the pink lips stunning.


I'm really feeling this geek sheek look especially the geeky glasses, ok so they wont suit everyone but i think they look hot, and stand out from the crowd. My fav''s so far are Luella £175.


This weeks best look goes to Milan from college hill south beach on BET. Looks stunning and great make-up u go gurl.

Whats your favourite make-up brand for women of colour? i have always used MAC. The other day i was walking through superdrug and noticed the Sleek makeup stand. I must say i was impressed they have a good collection i even bought a pink lipstick from there.

The last time i saw sleek it was not that well known or good, they seem to have had a make over but i'm not complaining as they are so well priced compared to mac and Iman. Check out their website

On my wish list

The Trilby has always fascinated me. I feel that it can be what a full stop is to a sentence- the ultimate finish. I remember the exact moment I realised the power of the Trilby. I had worn one (rather tentatively admittedly) to a party and I was amazed by how many people it drew to me, and the compliments I received. Ladies take heed: It's a great way to get the token 'cute guy' at the party to notice you

The blazer is the most stylish jacket to wear over, well, anything!

Great example of the boyfriend balzer slightly longer, looks like you borrowed it from ya man.
Makes a simple outfit look dressy.

A casual look a la Vanessa millano, please dont try it you dont have the legs to pull off these shorts.

The humble blazer or even a boyfriend blazer are my top tip for fashion I love this item because you can wear it dressed up or down and it looks great. Over a LBD or jeans and a tee. There are great ones all over the highstreet and online check out


I love music and i know it would be very differnet today without MJ. He had a magic about him that was unique.

Welcome to BB's world

This is the launch of BB's world, i feel like i should be having a party.

So i am going to discussing everything from makeup, hair to extend or not that is the question, eye lashes they are a new big thing in my world, i lovvve them. Diets which ones work lord knows i have tried a few. SHOE'S ooh lala my weakness Fashion is a passion and what ever else life throws at me.